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Poster: cream-puff-war Date: Nov 28, 2006 4:19pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Show reviews on this site SUCK

Hardly anyone reads my reviews since they're on shows from 1966-1970.

I go overboard trying to wring last drops of memories about the 1970 shows I went to, which I feel are miles above all the other GD shows I attended from 1973-1991.

But my passion for GD archives is mainly for those raw rollicking high energy '60s shows I didn't actually go to. Give me frantic youth and crazed psychedelia any day.

I loved the 2nd double live Dead LP when it came out in 1971. I remember it got a lot of FM airplay in Boulder, Colorado that year.

But when I first listened to Europe '72 - the triple live (studio enhanced?) LP in 1973, I was like, "huh?"

It didn't connect with me then... my 1st impressions were, what happened to these guys' sense of precision and daring do... it sounded weak and rambling, stumbling and uncertain, boogie-loo at best, but without the thunder of the 1st Live Dead LP, without the forward strides of the 2 brilliant studio LPs (WD and AB) or the 2nd live double (SF)

So, read my reviews at own risk, if ever!

But, at least I can stand 1972 shows now, and will watch and listen to post '72 shows often because a review found here adds to a forum recommendation... so they can infect even a back pages bone head like myself.
As for the occasional insanity in some reviews, what else would I expect from dead heads rooted in the tie-die years (post 1972)?

I agree that Capt. Doubledose and the ones mentioned on this thread are often the best reviews overall.
Variety is the spice, especially when you're looking at 10+ reviews for a given show, and I enjoy the interactive bashing and all that - the more controversy, the more passion, the better.

It beats rote a-b-c reviews... that could get boring page after page, right?

And of course, some of us besides me date back to the '60s (remember the ''60s?) But few prefer the raw '66-'68 era above all the rest. I get it, but I don't get it.
Dipso Dinosaurs on crack unite!

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